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Get assistance for event modeling with by reading oNote documentation, live chatting, searching the support site, logging support tickets, or sending an email.

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If you haven’t already, sign up for oNote. You can try out the Starter plan free tier. To upgrade a subscription to a paid plan with more features, such as more than five models and starting collaborations, see upgrade to a paid subscription plan.

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Click the Register link in the referral program banner and provide your email address. Earn rewards such as training, promotional codes, or swag.

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Register for oNote referral program

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Live chat

You can access live chat within the oNote app by clicking the chat Chat icon icon available either on the main site or within the app itself. The chat is staffed by a real person on the oNote team who is an expert with the modeling app, not a chatbot. Find out about available plans and features, or get help with using the oNote app.

Live chat window
oNote live chat window

Search the support knowledge base

To access the Support page from within the oNote app, click the help icon in the upper right.

Get support

You can search for keywords, or browse the knowledge article links.

Support for oNote
oNote support center

Log a support ticket

If you are outside of typical U.S. office hours, you can click the Create a support ticket link from the oNote Support page.

Log a support ticket if you cannot locate any information in the support center.

Support ticket
oNote support ticket

Contact us through email

If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us through email as well.

From the main oNote web site, click the mail icon to open the Contact Us form.