Define model object schema

Define an entity-level schema for a model object. Interfaces are the only model objects that do not have defined schemas.

Model object (entity) level schema

  1. With focus on the model object:

    • Right-click and choose Edit from the context menu.


    • Press Shift+Enter.

  2. Click the Schema tab.

  3. Click + Add Schema.

    Model object Schema tab
  4. Select the Schema Role:

    • Default Entity Schema

    • Avro Request

    • Avro Response

    • Avro Error

  5. Enter a Name for the schema.

  6. (Optional) Enter a Namespace.

  7. In Schema Definition, select the Schema Type.

    Depending on the selected schema type, you are prompted to define additional properties.

  8. Define the additional properties as appropriate for the schema type.

  9. Click Save.

Validate a sample JSON or EDN object against your schema right within the Schema panel.